Amphibian Species Accountsfor Metro Atlanta

Information on each species native to Metro Atlanta, including identification characteristics — with images of adults, eggs, larvae and juveniles. Also wetland type, seasonality and frog calls.

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Lithobates palustris (Rana palustris) 

Pickerel Frogs can breed in almost any type of wetland. Their snoring sounds can be heard during the winter and spring evenings. They can be distinguished from the similar looking Southern Leopard Frog in several ways. The Pickerel Frog has rectangular spots, generally in pairs running down the back. Southern Leopard Frogs have ovals, randomly scattered on the back. Pickerel Frogs also have yellow coloration in the armpits and groin. These colors are lacking in the Southern Leopard Frog.

Pickerel Frogs are KNOWN from both Fulton and Dekalb counties.






Pickerel Frog Call

Variations of the Pickerel Frog


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