One key feature of the MAAMP is the Amphibian Identification and Frog Call Workshops offered throughout the year at various locations. Learning how to identify all of the amphibian species in an area can be an overwhelming task, no matter how interested you are. Nevertheless, the ability of our surveyors to identify amphibians by sight or sound is crucial for the program's success. Therefore, surveyors are required to take and pass the frog call and amphibian identification quiz each year before their data will be accepted.

If you are interested in attending a workshop, simply register on this site. Registration will give you access on the site to resources for the program as well as add you to the list for MAAMP program updates, including workshops.

Full workshops are generally an hour and a half and cover all 28 metro Atlanta amphibian species, an overview of the program and why monitoring programs are important, as well as urban wetlands types including the types of amphibians that use them. Workshops focusing on Frog Calls only generally run about 45 minutes.

This is a video of the full Amphibian Identification Workshop. This presentation includes Atlanta frogs and salamanders — adult and larval forms. It also includes wetland types and breeding chronology, so you can learn approximately what time of year you will see each species, and in which wetland type. Lastly, it includes all the calls to metro Atlanta frogs (audio and video) to help you begin to learn your calls for sonic surveys. The presentation starts with why it is so important to monitor the health of amphibian communities.

Atlanta Salamanders


Atlanta Frogs


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